Brett Metcalfe

What can I say Folks, GREAT to hear from you all. I have never been good at keeping in touch and thought that the days at the MNC were forgotten, especially as the college has disappeared, I pass the site often on my way down the Thames towing barges full of dredging materials from Canary Wharf.

I've seen Mark Whittaker a couple of times in his capacity as Managing Director of Whittakers Tankers. Steve said that he has seen me but I must have been well pissed as I don't remember atall (sorry Steve).

After spending three years with Palm Line subsequent to college, I spent nearly a year in Gibraltar doing as little as possible. I then joined the family tug company where I stayed until last year, leaving when my father refused to retire. Since then I've been working for a tug company based in Rochester, mainly towing various craft to and from the continent but also doing a fair bit on the Thames and Medway. I will be on the Medway until the new year so when a date is organised for the reunion I should be available it'll certainly be great to see you all again.

I've been married, and still am, for 17 years, two boys Joshua, 14 and Patrick, 11. Living on a smallholding on Anglesey spending my time fixing gates and fences or ferrying the kids to various sailing venues in this country and abroad. Josh is one of the top sailors in the UK, hence your successful detective work Andy, very impressive.

Look forward to hearing more from everyone.

Very best regards

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Previous information on Brett Metcalf before he wrote in

Brett was a "British Biker" who owned a Triumph. A lot of the time it was in pieces in his room. Some time after leaving college I walked out of a pub in Liverpool straight into him. We chatted but both had had a few drinks and therefore a lot of the conversation is sketchy. I understand he may have joined the Police Force which is surprising considering his view on them whilst we were a Greenhithe lol.

Whilst at college he lived in Bangor.

Information provided by Stephen Foster