Richard Howell

Richard Howell

Hallo there,

My name is Richard Howell and I was at MNC Greenhithe during the following periods (ish).

Oct 1972 Induction course (with BP Tankers)

Sep 1973 to March 74 ONC Phase One

June 1975 to Feb 76 Phase 3 (In september 75 we were the first course to use the new Greenhithe shore based college).

I left BP in Feb 77 joined the RFA and stayed with them until Feb 1981. Had a two year spell in Saudi Arabia as a manager with a marine manning company. This was followed by 3 years on the coast with Crescent shipping, 9 years running a pub in Margate and finally back to sea again in Oct 1996. Passed my Master's UL in Dec 2000 at the age of 45 and sail as Master with Maersk Offshore on their large anchor handlers.

I still keep in touch with a couple of chaps that were on the same intake as me, Andy Brigden (RFA) and now harbour master at Truro and Kevin Smith (BP) who now flies B777s for American Airlines. A couple of ex MNC lads are mates and masters in maersk offshore too, David Reigate (Ch Mate) and Paul Smith from the Isle of Wight (Master).


Email via Deck 1972-78

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