Andy Hennell

I was pleased to stumble across the college web site and it prompted me to think back all those years and put a few faces to names.

I attended the Worcester as cadet with the Bolton Steam Shipping co. from 73 to 76, had a wonderful time but no academic success.

Thereafter I went to Bristol and Cardiff and managed slightly better.  In 78 I left Boltons and had a spell at Everards then Hudsons and finally Stephenson Clarke. The last nine years I have been working as pilot on the Thames like a load of others from the Worcester including Andy Howard and Gordon Coates who have not yet been mentioned.

Just a bit of info:

A. Fennymore is Mate maybe Master now with Stolts
C. Winkworth at present in Singapore selling industrial chemicals.
S. Ewing is master with Everards on the Ability where he has been for the last 19 years!
J. Merry mate with Everards.

A few names to prompt memories from the same course S.Comfort, P.Wee, S. Storey, P. Dobson, P. Mills, A. Higgins, A. Palmer, D. Cook, and N. Roberts and of course I haven't forgotten Rich Hemingway.

Andy Hennell

Deck 1972-78


First information from Richard Hemingway